Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fifi bags/general inspiration

Sorry, it's been a week since I updated and it isn't even an outfit post! I'm being lazy, I know! But I saw these Fifi bags on the Fifi blog and was like OMG. I have a Fifi Lapin satchel (which features a whole variety of outfits) but I just love this canvas one! I wanna take it to college with a fur coat!

HALLOWEEN SOON... what are you guys going as? Mike's having a party, and after going through loads of ideas, we have come up with going as Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum from Cluedo! Which means asking Mike's older sister if I can sneakily borrow her gorgeous red satin to the floor length prom dress! And testing a wash in wash out hair dye... do they work!? I need to know this guys, because if my hair doesn't go back to it's usual colour, I will have a fit, and I'm pretty sure my Mum will too... ™-xo


Isabel Rose said...

miss scarlet is such a good idea :) please don't use wash in wash out, you won't get your exact colour back, and your hair colour's so lovely!

Rebecca said...

I love the third picture!
enjoy the party, good look with the hair dye I've no idea how it works

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

The Fifi tote is gorgeous, I really want one now! that's such a good idea for a costume, I've never used wash in wash out but I would think it would take a few gos to wash it out.. xx

Panda said...

All these pictures are adorable - kind of makes me want to go and dress up my rabbit.... OH MY GOD HALLOWEEN YOU AND MIKE ARE GOING TO LOOK FREAKING AWESOME. Such a breath of fresh air from the usual 'slutty cat' approach... xxx

Charlotte said...

Leighton Meester! I ADORE her.
I`ll be going as a sexy vampire girl :D

naughtymess said...

awesome photos!
i'm being clueless hehe!