Sunday, 18 September 2011

I said are you gonna be my girl

Hey there! Yes, the photos are still shitty phone ones, but I managed to use self timer, so they're not QUITE as noobish?

Shirt - random shop in London, lol sorry not much help there.
Shorts - New Look
Tights - Dorothy Perkins
Loafers - New Look
TIGER FUCKING ONESIE  - Primark, obviously.

Yeah I know everyone has the tiger onesies but they're so bloody comfy, I don't wear them on pyjama days and days to take the piss, I genuinely wear it round my house. This has been a busy weekend! I have panto rehearsals today, yesterday I  had work and then went to London with Mike and we went to go see One Man Two Guvnors which is ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! The London shows are fully booked but they are touring so  you MUST SEE IT! And on Friday night we went to Ed's house and there were three of us girls and him just spooning in his bed whilst the rest of the guys played music next door. It's safe to say he felt pretty pimpin'. But I mean we were just telling bedtime stories, haha.

Well I'm off to buy BBQ meat, ta ta :) 

™- xo


Pretty Things said...

cute photos, blooming love that onesie!


Rebecca said...

Great outfit, the love shirt!

That onesie is flammin' awesome I remember my friend wearing one when we stayed in a caravan one weekend and she went to the toilet during the night and had to take it off and was freezing. Hilarious! :')


Don't Think Twice said...

love the shoes so muuuch!!!! and your shorts too!
nice bloooog¡¡¡come to see mine? ^^


Don't Think Twice said...

love the shoes so muuuch!!!! and your shorts too!
nice bloooog¡¡¡come to see mine? ^^


islabell said...

You wee plad shirt and shorts combo is making me happy! Lovely pics, even if they were self time ones

Anonymous said...

check chirts can never go wrong and onesies are cool

kat said...

i love your blog so much, you're so funny, one of the two prettiest people i have ever seen, and you're ENGLISH so your fucking splendid already

keep up the good work lovelyxx

Suzi said...

Love that shirt, very land girls! Can't go wrong with the tiger for winter either ;)

Glad you like the blog - lovely of you to sayt so!

tegan said...

wow, i neeeed those loafers!

cute outfit!


Charlotte said...

I love the way you look on the second pic. Great photos, as always <3 xx

polly(: said...

I HAVE THAT TIGER ONESIE, TOTALLY WEARING IT ON PJ DAY AT COLLEGE ps this is polly that is in mikes english class! ahaha