Tuesday, 20 September 2011

California, rest in peace

Jacket - River Island Menswear (cheekily stole it off Mike when he grew out of it)
Skirt - Vintage fair
Backpack - Accesorize
Socks - Primark

Hello there, I seem to be updating a bit TOO often nowadays, jeez, it's like all or nothing with me. Very sorry. So these are some photos of me looking like a douche in my room for the banter. And to show you my outfit, of course. This is one of my favourite outfits I've worn to college so far! 
Little tip, only wear ridiculously chunky knit cardigans when you know it's going to be FREEZING. Especially in England, the weather can be quite deceptive. It's all grey, and then BAM you're sweating your armpits off. So make sure you haven't got to run for a train cos you forgot your graphic folder or anything, like I have to do pretty much every day. I'm literally the most clumsy person ever. Today I dropped my train pass as I ran for the train, and my nana had to go and scout for it. It was just outside my house, but still.

I have two "boohoohoos" to share with you now.

BOOHOOHOO NUMBER ONE: I have forgotten my Pottermore password. And no matter how many times I press 'forgotten your password?' and get them to e-mail me a new one, NO E-MAIL ARRIVES. FML.

BOOHOOHOO NUMBER TWO: Blogger wont let me change my header :( I made a cool new one, but apparently I have too many photos. GAH. :'( IT'S SO PRETTY.

Anyway bye.

™- xo


shanice said...

Have you tried looking through your emails for the Pottermore confirmation one that tells you your password):? Bit of a long shot but still haha x

Charlotte said...

Stunning!!! <3

Arabella said...

love your jacket :)

Anonymous said...

I love your outfit especaily the socks.arggh I feel your pain,running for the train and deceptive evil english weather are an everyday occurance for me xxx

Charlotte said...

Tegan my dear, you won my blog introduction :) Hope you like it <3 xx


Daria said...

this backpack is sooo cute!


Amy Valentine said...

just got your comment haha
it's so strange, cause I remember on the first day I thought I recognised you then the second day I was like OMG SHE HAS A BLOG AND I FOLLOW HER, so weeeird!
and apparently you know alex rule, who is going out with one of my close girl mates, small world!(:

me+moustaches! said...

Thank You for the lovely commen on my blog :) I find so many bloggers now that are srom the South West, I seem to find them over others if that makes sense lol! :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

There's no such thing to posting too much! These are so stunning. x hivenn

michelle_ said...

i looooovveeeee your otk sockksss !!


Spencer. said...

Awesome outfit, loving your floral backpack! x

Anonymous said...

Your room looks supercozy! I love your knee socks!

Luisa T. said...

You look amazing (:

Fashion Breaker

t said...

Nice look!


Carla said...

lucky. you have a pottermore. i really want one. but it's too bad about your password. i like your socks and your blog name. i also like that lucille ball quote about redheads :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit. I love the pictures. Great blog if you want visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow and I will follow back