Monday, 14 February 2011


Mike and I celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday, on Sunday. We thought the whole flowers and chocolates thing was kind of tacky, but we still went out for dinner which was wonderful, and how awesome is that card he made me? We spent the whole day together, and I totally cooked him a fry up. (pictured above) 

Today is the ACTUAL V Day, and in school everyone was giving out roses that people had sent to  one another. I knew I wasn't gonna get one from Mike, cos it was tacky, but I was happy cos we spent such an awesome day together before :) At lunch, Tommy G was on the sound system and everyone was in the courtyard having a boogie and selling heart cupcakes, which was cute.



agent 0017 said...

awww looks like it was so much fun :)

That Blond Guy said...

AWWWWW that is so cool. Mike sounds like a pretty awesome hombre. Did he draw that bear? If so, color me impressed. Very impressed. That's awesome.

Why are roses tacky? I love them.

Happy Real Valentine's Day!

Hannah Marie said...

that's so awesome! The card is hilarious :D

Panda said...

I say all the time - but you two ARE SO FREAKING ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I love the card too, did he draw it? its insannnneeee.... Oh, and I probs did see your friend; except there were so ,any school trips; i coudnt tell school from to school! ♥ Thanks for your very sweet comment! Panda xo