Monday, 17 January 2011


 On Saturday night, my boyfriend Mike (yeah you guys know Mike) had one of his crazy awesome parties! My headband got destroyed, Aljec CHUNDERED EVERYWAH and I threw a battery at my ex. :) Oh and a 20 year old with 2 kids started flirting with Erin. LOL.

For my Photography project, I'm doing "self image" where I take a picture of myself and I manipulate it. I'm thinking of sticking things on it etc, maybe doing a doodle and having one of those like a little mini me, that sort of thing. So now I have to go awkwardly pose in front of a tripod. Laters. xoxo


Rebecca Armstrong said...

Hehee I love the name of this post :) x

That Blond Guy said...

Sweet pictures. Your boyfriend's so hot he lit my lady parts on fire.

Sounds like a cool photography project. Just do something out of the ordinary and unexpected, is all.

Mandsy said...
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Mandsy said...

i always love your crazy party pics :P