Thursday, 4 November 2010

letting it all out....

kay so I feel like I never actually tell people what's happening, as in, THE FULL STORY, except for like "mike bla bla bla party mike blablabla starbucks". 
Luckily, everything is quite mellow now. OK... maybe not.

so on saturday night it was this Halloween party, and I went to one with mike (cheese and cheese grater, remember? haha) and my girl friends all went to one separately with these people who are a year older, and zara got with this guy who was seeing someone else. he made it seem like that other girl didn't mean anything to him, so zara was sort of like 'whatever'. (plus she was really drunk, so yea) and now the girl he was seeing is all like IF I EVER SEE HER, I'M GONNA DO SOMETHING I REGRET, and posting all these angry Facebook statuses. oh LOL! so she's in some beef.

and then there's the whole guy drama - yeah, it's not all just flowers and loveliness with mike, because if you've been reading my blog for quite a while (which i highly doubt, it's full of shite in my life and nobody really cares about that) then you'll remember i went out with this guy called kam for like four months and we broke up in august. i know it's mean and i really hope he doesn't read this but WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!? he's really creepy and cringey and yes, he's an interesting and funny guy, but ... SHIVER! so then after i broke up with kam i started seeing this guy called ian, who is in the same drama class and me and kam which made things pretty awkward. long story short, we went out for a month, and then made things official and broke up a week later. we decided we were better off as friends.
and i think, the whole time i may have realised this in some deep part of me below my intestines or something, that mike was always there the whole time and he was the ONE! i was always like 'ah yeah mike my really good guy friend' and then i was all 'OMG... MIKE...'
and now it's just like amazing, i swear i've never felt this way before.

BUT - there's a catch.
as there always is.
mike is kam's best friend.
but kam knows now.
and he's disappointed.
but he's being really immature about it.
and he's just really wierd and creepy and shit.

AND one of my oldest friends is anorexic AND my brother had paranoia issues (he's all good now) AND i feel like i'm neglecting my girlfriends for mike now BUT I CAN'T HELP IT and i know i talk about him all the time but I CANT HELP IT

and this guy called jackson keeps talking to me and i want to be nice to him but it's sort of a bit much.

well i doubt anyone actually read that, but if you did then i love you in a bloggeriffic wowzaaa cool kid way xxxxxxx


Mariella said...

Yeah... guy drama is complicated and plainly sucks.

Jane said...

Blehh. That all is so sucky. Just do what you want though! I am so sorry about your friend. One of my really good friends used to be anorexic, and I just about cried everytime I saw her. She got through it though, and I hope your friend will realize how amazing she probably is! xx Jane

Susanne said...

keep calm, it'll be okay :)

Stephanie said...

I hate guy drama and there seems to be a lot of that recently which kind of sucks. Sorry about all of that, it'll be okay and soon hopefully! Lovely blog, by the way.

Chloe said...

Hey Tegan! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, that was so lovely of you to say :-)

I really like your blog and oh dear about the boy troubles, but it sounds like you and Mike are really cute together and you're obviously mad about him :-) Sorry to hear about your best friend and also about your brother too.

Anyway, hope you're feeling better about all the boy stuff! It'll work itself out soon enough since Kam and Mike are friends and if they're true friends, they'll get past it. :-)

Chloe xxx

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Hey Tegan!
Thank you, thank you, thank youuu for the comment on my blog! <3
OKAY first of all: your blog ISN'T full of shite at all! Love it!! :D
I'm glad to hear that you're happy with Mike! :) But about all the drama surrounding it sucks! Aw, I'm so sorry about your friend, she'll get better soon! <3