Wednesday, 3 November 2010

cassie's therapy tag

Cassie. What a babe.
She reminds me of my friend Erin, except wayyy more hardcore, obviously haha.

I got tagged by the lovely Felix Curds to join in on this HOT MEME going around, Cassie's Therapy Tag thingamajig. Basically Cassie is a character from a TV show called Skins, and she had to do this therapy thing, this is it basically...

i like boys who
wear jumpers and satchels and girls who are friendly and smiley
i like to have really obscure conversations
i like COOKIES. a lot. wayyy too much
i like paris
i like london
i like french people
i like autumn colours and leaves
i like watching the people in the background of movies
i like cuddles
i like dogs
i like woolly things
i like you

i love michael woodfine

today, it's WEDNESDAY ... LOL I totally typed Monday first, how awkward.

i hate blue jeans with uniform - oh god no.
i hate people who don't dance at concerts GO HOME! <-- HAHAHAHA SORRY I HAVE TO LEAVE THIS THERE, it was amazing I completely agree.
i hate curly fries with all the orange shit on it... seriously, ew.
i hate arguments
i hate when people "cba" on me
i hate having no money and having to get mike to pay for me
i hate maths
i hate rumours
I hate this, wow. . .Sorry.

AND I TAG - Panda (though I'm sure she's pretty busy being like totally AWESOME and successful haha) Hannah (Cyrilla West) Much Love and Adri from I love my rain boots :D

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Panda said...

Thats for the tag!! :D I hate everything you do. We're so alike hahaha.
Thanks for the sweet sweet comment, lovely! I just did a new post too.
Panda xo