Tuesday, 14 September 2010

and any time you feel the pain, hey jude, refrain

not much happening in my life right now, except for guy drama I guess but hey what else is knew, and half of that is extremely top secret so  you know, posting it all on the web = bad idea. even though i love telling you guys stuff. :)

at lunch we were discussing when it's OK to lie... what are the limits?


Lissie - In Sleep
The Beatles - Hey Jude and Penny Lane
The Lonely Island (ofc) - Lazy Sunday!


Lulu said...

i heart Lissie.
and these photos =]

Jeniffer said...

pretty pictures..

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tfa said...

thx for ur comment!:)
& nice photos. ♥

visit me again. :x

JMay said...

Such gorgeous photos :-) Eye candy!

April said...

Love that first photo!

Mandyy said...

great Pics ! I love Lissie :) xoxo <3