Saturday, 11 September 2010

jumpers and coffee and awkwardness

"le moustache" baggy cape tee
"oregon varsity" menswear jumper

sup peeps!

today me and mike were supposed to meet up for "coffee and jumpers club" where we drink coffee and wear jumpers, (funnily enough) but it was a bit hot and there were loads of chavs in Starbucks, (couldn't have them cramping our totally awesome style!) so we went back to to Alec's house and watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire ...

(if you guys don't know what the term "beef" is, it's basically like a massive piece of drama, or a fight)

so as you guys know I broke up with my boyfriend, but whilst we were out he had a few jealousy issues blablabla. and mike was walking with me through town, and he pulled up in a car and saw us together, and must have got totally the wrong end of the stick - especially as mike cancelled him that day due to "family stuff" AAAAHHHHHHHHH! AWKWARD!

on another note - I am soooo ill. like, serious crap man. i'm talking sneezing and coughing and saying "mub" instead of "mum". UGHHHH.


Sarah said...

Coffee and jumpers club sounds like a cool idea. I didn't even know they had Jumper's for boys. Sorry about the beef :(

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Oh dear hope you get better. Loving the sweater. =D


Girl with the Broken Smile said...

lol, i like the moustache t- shirt. howp you get better soon :)