Saturday, 25 September 2010

holy hezoos...

oh I can't wait to don the cosy clothing when it gets colder! knitted jumpers FTW! aren't those socks just adorable?

in other news,
last night was quite interesting... we gave my Dad an iPad for an early birthday present, and this morning I asked him how it was going and he said "oh, it's got that sync-ing feeling" OH, LAWL.

anyway, after the iPad giving, I got a drunk call from Mike, first telling me that he was a worm, then some other things, and then about half an hour later a rather sober one telling me that one of our closest friends was losing their virginity in a bathroom...IT WAS SUCH A MINDFUCK! At first I was like "pfff, yeah right, you guys are all just planning this" (Mike has been known to tell jokey lies in the past) but then I realised that it was actually all true, and apparently it was unprotected, so the message of this story kids is DO NOT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX IN SOMEONE'S BATHROOM CUZ IT'S NOT GOOD.

Off to Starbucks in a bit (as usual)

What do you guys think I should be for Halloween? I was thinking Malice in Wonderland, but then I want something cheap... leave me a comment! :D

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Jane said...

Haha, your father is quite funny. Anywho, I hope that all is good, with your friends unprotected-ness and such. For the halloween bit I am just as stuck as you. I might be a badass, and wear a leather-mini, too small black and white t-shirt, and boots or heels, depending. I do have a nice book though, it has costumes from the 30s and is awesome. Or you could be an olive. LAWLZZ.