Tuesday, 21 September 2010

all of the boys, and the girls, here in paris...

i love spending a whole lesson of photography just going round the school taking pictures
the song in the title is Paris is Burning - Ladyhawke :)

ummm so not much has been happening recently, we got little nametags to put on the board in form and mine was spelt wrong >.< the amount of times people have called me "teegan" haha.

today was TUESDAY which means P.E, which means ping pong which means awkward battles with my ex and Erin's revelation that Cardiff is, in fact, in Wales. as I keep mentioning, life is so confusing at the moment but hey. DOES ANYONE ELSE WATCH 90210?!  AHHHH SERIES 3! :D OR THE INBETWEENERS?! OR BRITAIN'S NEXT TOP MODEL!? THOUGHTS! FEELINGS!


Jane said...

I don't watch 90210, nor do I know anyone that watches it, in America (or at least Virginia) we watch The Hills. Haha, and I have never heard of The Inbetweeners. I do watch America's Next Top Model religiously though. I also watch a lot of Bones and CSI. Do you watch those? It's a lot of murder, but hey.

ells said...

90210, omg EXCITED! it is going to be ahhhmazing! :) :)
thank you for the comment! i'm tres excited about the shirts hahaha, ahh will have to have a look in primark :) my sister got a gorge jumper thing from h&m! :)
ells xo

TheMadTwins said...

beautiful pictures. I love you hair ^__^
and also an amazing outfit ^__^

loves London