Monday, 28 June 2010

workin' girl


today was my first day at Work Experience, and it was tiring. I was working in this department store caled BHS (British Home Stores). I was on my feet all day. Oh, my poor little pinkies will never forgive me...

first I working in Childrenswear, with, I kid you not, a SUICIDAL TROLLEY, which kept wondering off when I was trying to push it down to the stock room. There were soooo many glasses in danger of smashing.
I was so glad when I got my Break and I could just NOMNOMNOM on food.

after my Break, I switched from SUICIDAL TROLLEY to chillin' basket to move goods around. I had a little system going with Mike, where he threw a sock at me, I caught it, and hung it up... the sock section in the "Back To School" (yes, Back to School, ALREADY) area is now completely ORGANISED. ;) 

I was so happy for my lunch break...

Afterwards, I had to go round the shop doing "recovery", you know, arranging towels and all that exciting stuff. At one point there was a cushion in the pillowcase section. It was scandalous.

Then it was stock room duty, pushing a trolley filled with birdcages and stools and other various items into a massive lift. Sweaty business.

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