Wednesday, 19 May 2010

ok first of all, AWWWWWW! Is this not the most adorable thing?!

second of all, I'm ill :/ been lying in bed all day, anyone got any tips for boredom busters? I've already read and re-read Company magazine...(woo festival issue) and am wanting to go the Latitude festival, Florence and the Machine and Vampire Weekend are playing, plus Belle and Sebastian who my boyfriend loves! Och aye, my head. Bed me thinks.


Ruby said...

Watch Movies :)
I was really ill too twas sad :/
I had glandular feverr *shudder*

My sisters keeper is always a good one or any of the bridget jones movies :) x

Fur Knee. said...

I nearly got Pneumonia :'(
i've been off school for 4 days! Kind of gets boring at home alone, but something I enjoy is playing the sims computer game :) it's pretty addictive! tehe x

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Oh gosh! That little kid is TOO CUTE! ♥ :D Aww
Awwh, I hope you feel better soon! :/ Ahh, last year I had pneumonia...ended up in hospital and missed out on City Expirience at school :@ Read (and watch the movie versions) of Nicholas Sparks' books! They're really great. :D

Barb. said...

so cute!