Wednesday, 3 March 2010


today I came home to a HENCH PARCEL from my grandparents of all the stuff i left in florida. well actually only one thing is in there. the rest of it is this make-your-own perfume stuff which looks pretty cool :) and then there was a parcel from my brother in Nepal.  He got me this little purse and a Nepalese bangle. ;) I'm really really annoyed, because my parents won't let me go to Skiathos (Greece) with them and my BEST FRIEND for this wedding. Because I'll still be in school. Even though my exams will be over. Plus, we have a dog that needs looking after.  But COME ON he has a Pet Passport!

Today at schooooooooool it was a bit wierd actually. Jess burst into tears and Sophie was getting annoyed. I don't even know what was going on! Mannn, teenage times, eh? In Drama we were doing Forum Theatre, and me and Kam were supposed to be the thoughts but we didn't really get a chance to shout at each other much.

ummmm question for you guys ... let's see... what pets do you have?

I learnt a new word today ... MUNIFICENT. ;D

ciao ciao -™


the girl with the satchel said...

oh wowzer you have to show me your shizzle from your bro and yes dude today was rather eventful, well my bt its the one and only COLIN WOOOO THE HAMSTER!!!! xxx

OhLove. said...

I have 3 fish, called Tom, Marvolo and Voldemort. I used to have one called Riddle but either Marvolo or Voldy ate him (they look the same.)
Your comment made my day, you're lovely

Barb said...

I have a hamster (Joy) and a bunny (Sofia)!! I'll post some pictures of my little girls someday ^^

Ninnu said...

I have two cats :) They are both almost 6 years old and very lazy! Oh, I have wanted to go to Greece so badly! It looks so nice in there :)