Tuesday, 2 March 2010

roll on summer 2010!


finally, I am up to date on all my photography. it's so hard trying to get everything finished, because I need her approval which takes yeaaars cos she's talking to other people. anyway, now I can concentrate on awesome shizzle! like ALICE IN WONDERLAND on Saturday - did I mention that? Haha, soo excited. And SUMMER 2010 which is a while away, but the beef crew have already started planning! eeep!

  •  beef fest (yes, like our very own festival! I'm gonna have my toaster!)

  • midnight walk around london for breast cancer awareness
  • maybe camping in wellington country park (if we can get a camping permit)
  • chessington world of adventures - it's basically this theme park
  • sunbathing on jess's trampoline
  • maybe throwing eggs at trees, if we have the time
  • going to paris - maybe with erin! (just me, not the whole crew, haha)
  • we might go to JJ's, this indoor play area for kids (I went there for my 8th birthday party, haha) if we can get in, LOLZ!
anyone else planning for the summer already?
ciao ciao -™


Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

Not really, I am not really planning for Summer '10 all I know is my birthday is in the summer so I am guessing I am excited for that.

From Dolly

Sofie Marie said...

My plans are more figuritive,and kind of drift between beaches,camping,photo taking and shopping trips.Nothing so set in stone as you,but I am definatley longing for the summer! ^^

the girl with the satchel said...

wooo can't wait, me and jess had some more ideas but I'll tell yous tomorrow, ekkk I CAN'T WAIT TILL THE SUMMER XXXXXXXXX

Leanne said...

Oh my gosh, I already have SO many plans for the summer, I can hardly wait. And that sounds way fun, you're so lucky you live that close to Paris.
And btw, I wikipedia-ed a crumpet! I'm pretty sure they're what we call "English Muffins" here, they look pretty similar. If they are, they are sooooo good, I love them.

Barb said...

Great ideas!
I still have no plans for the summer :-(!


pearl. said...

well my summer's nearly over so im planning for winter! Ice skating perhaps?? Sounds fun :)
Pearl xo

Ninnu said...

I'm planning to go to JJ's too :)
My best friends nickname is JJ :D