Thursday, 7 January 2010

yes, there's more

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures today! Oh well, I'll take my Picture of the Day at panto tonight, OPENING NIGHT ahhh! Doesn't really matter because I have the tiniest part in the world {there are no small parts, only small actors} and I know all six or so of my lines so well I could say them in my sleep.
However, my embarrassing military style dance... it's so simple, but I can never remember it. I'll have to get Bella to do it in the wings again tonight!!

Today I had ANOTHER day off school. Sophie came over, then we met up with Erin and Jess in the snow... Rufus was so so so excited, and we went to the Pond and spent AGES talking to this random Irish photographer guy. He was pretty awesome, he said he was going to add Rufus as a friend on Facebook. ( dog has Facebook.) He also took some pics of him.
Sophie came back to mine and we watched the end of the sixth Harry Potter. Those films are so brilliant.

And we've got no school AGAIN tomorrow!! My school is never this leniant, but HELLO Fleet is the 3rd SNOWIEST IN THE UK!!! Can't get over that, hehe :)

ciao ciao


Sofie Marie said...

I get more jealous by the day! Seriously! xx

Leanne said...

Whoaaaaa, you're beyond lucky. I've only had one snow day so far :(.

Ninnu said...

We don't even have snow days in Finland, it's so normal in here. Harry Potters are the best, I can't wait till the new movies come out! :)

Nice weekend!