Monday, 4 January 2010


just got back from taking His Lordship out for a cold but beautiful walk.
I mean, look at the treeees. Oh, the trees.

the little 'airport' where people fly their toy planes

Where's it gone, Rufus, where's it gone?

I have ffiiiinally got all my Coursework DONE AND DUSTED!! But I might need to go over it, I feel as if I rushed the last three or so paragraphs. Thanks to everyone who's e-mailed me saying they want to be pen pals! Anyone else? Come onnnnn, everyone loves receiving mail!

come on, e-mail it and we can be pen pals! wahooo!

panto rehearsal later on tonight.

ciao ciao


Lilee said...

nice blog! haha rufus is cuttte!

Silverbeige said...

Beautiful trees! Beautiful, artistic! Nature is perfect! Thx for sharing.