Sunday, 31 January 2010

two cakes

hey hey! bit of a late update, shozza. Last night I told you guys how it was my mum's birthday RAVE, well it was actually also to say goodbye to my brother, who, on Monday, is setting off to Nepal for a couple of months, then hopefully Australia, then God knows where. We don't know when he'll be coming back... or if he ever will come back. So I'll practically be an only child. Well I feel like that anyway, so meh! Anyway the night was pretty fun. Kerry and I sort of had to look after all the kids, so we watched a film. Most of the adults got pissed which was amusing. We played Rizzleheads at 1am. If you don't know what that is, it's basically where you stick post-it note type things on each other's foreheads with like a person's name on it, or a character, or whatever, and you have to guess who's on your head by asking questions. Kerry made me Wally of 'Where's Wally'. Er, THANKS! Haha! Then CRASHEDDD.

Today was spent with Sophie doing Coursework and various other shizzle. We were supposed to be going to Starbucks to catch up with Erin, but we had loadsa work to do. I felt kinda bad (plus, GASPS, I passed up an oppurtunity to go to Starbucks!?!! WHAAA?!) but ... I wanna do well in school I guess, haha. ciao ciao -™


Sarah said...

MMhhhmm me gusta starbucks. I've played rizzleheads before but I've never heard that name for it....hmmm.....

Barb. said...
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Barb. said...

My mom's bday is tomorrow!
I'm feeling like an only child, I hate it! I miss my sis so much :-(
Good luck with the school work!


Daisy Chain Adventures said...

Those cakes look amazing! did you make them?