Sunday, 10 January 2010


we went to dominoes in our costumes! this is where I offered to sign some guy's face... he was too busy 'eating pizza' to come see our panto... KRH!
back-combing and hairspraying vicky's hair

i had to climb under the stage to give helen her arms back which I was using as a hat, as seen below....

about to go on ...

becky and bella :)

I didn't update yesterday, because at 1.30pm I left to do a panto show, then another at 7.00 and didn't get home til like half ten, when I watched Notting Hill and went to bed...

and today is our last performance... my last day as a PLAYING CARD...

check the make-up... you have no idea how long it took to get off!

ciao ciao

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ctrl + ♥ said...

lol you look like youre having soo much fun!
thanks for following babe,
youre a doll