Thursday, 21 January 2010

hmmm, thursdays seem to come around very quickly. which is odd, because they are my favourite day...double Photography, I walked around the school some more (which was a bit cold, but hey.).... emily and i tried to visit everyone in our circle of friends. we saw bella and jess in Child Development, zara and kate in Geography, katherine in Music, and even left a little note on top of sophie's bag (see above) whilst she was in Drama... erin said she saw us when she was at Matron, so we did pretty well :D

Then Double PE, Badminton - i.e, sit and chat and occasionally hit a shuttlecock around. haha, i love PE. lunch I didn't have any food but kate gave me some party rings which was very nice of her. form continues to be hilarious. zara made me laugh, and whilst I was laughing, this Year Nine called Matt just went "STUPID!!!" really angrily, and it was so hilarious. we had tears in our eyes. but we might be being moved :( DAMN! after school I went to Barnardos, the charity shop I work in with Erin. I had ANOTHER locker issue. We snuck in chocolate bars and that, and we did some tagging, even made up some lives of the people who had donated the clothes. we're so cool. then I wanted to get my camera out of my locker, but the KEY WOULDN'T WORK! so we tried for ages, even getting a coathanger in there, and then this lady who works there just came along and opened it!

woah, this has been a very long post - i do apologise! ciao ciao -™


Anonymous said...

aww you are a wonderful friend :) they are lucky to have you :) nothing says more than a sweet handwritten note :) !

Barb said...

Looks like you had a really nice day!

the girl with the satchel said...

haha I'm loving the note xxx

Sarah said...

I'm Mclovin the photos! Very fab!