Saturday, 23 January 2010

hello, hello people. i didn't update yesterday which is very unlike me, but i actually had a life yesterday - SCORE. After school I went with Sophie to town, and I got Elle and TeenVogue FINALLY. Well actually it was the American Elle, I seem to prefer it. Anyway, guess who the Elle Q&A was with? YEAH MATTHEW MORRISON... i.e, WILL SCHUESTER FROM ... GLEEEEEE! Ahhh, he is actually pretty sexy. Anyway, we also found this cute shop called the Walnut Tree which is sort of tucked away and has loads of pretty handmade things in it, it was so cool. Oh, and of course we got STARBUCKS! Take-out, cos some people Sophie has like, beef with were there. I got a brownie - woootz.

hahahaaaaaa i can hear my mum bitching about me.

ciao ciao -™

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Kiki said...

Glad you had a nice day yesterday! Mmmm brownies. Sometimes it's just necessary to treat yourself without thinking of what your mum would say, haha. x