Thursday, 14 January 2010

frozen feet

just did some revision - exams on mondayyy AHH :S
my feet literally almost froze today, i was wearing FLATS and TRAINER SOCKS and walking through a field of DEEP SNOW. I didn't go to Barnardos today, the charity shop I work at with Erin, 'cos I was feeling faint. Today at lunch we tried to discuss some issues but i spose it didn't really work because the people mainly concerned obviously didn't think there was anything wrong, I don't know, it was really confusing :S


check out THEEEES:
Marie Hocchaus, a new Photography find, quite lovely. :)
ciao ciao -™


Anonymous said...

oh WOW I love your photos on Flickr , they are amazing :) and I cant believe you wore flats on a snowy day hehe you are crazy :p !

Ninnu said...

My mom would literally kill me I wore flats at this time of year :D

ctrl + ♥ said...

thanks babee.
i know, it will be good then, but thats like 3+ years away. and like, ugh.