Saturday, 2 January 2010

2nd January, 2010

a room. MY room.

yeah, no more weheartit pictures, every post will be illustrated with my Picture of the Day (that I took). Soweeee if this upsets you. If you want your inspiration pics, head on down to Pretty Pictures!

Today I lay in bed, then walked Rufus in the slight dusting of snow that swept over Fleet last night as Father and I were *cough cough* playing on World of Warcraft. 'Cos we're true geeks. I was watching Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and when I came upstairs Dad was playing it. I scoffed...but then got sucked in. We were mostly taking the mick, I took some pictures of the screen of our LOLSOME conversations haha!

YEAH. I think it's fair to say I'm the biggest geek ever, haha.
So today, after walking Rufus, Sophie and Zara randomly popped over before their outing to Guildford, unexpectedly, so I was all smelly and greasy-hair-y. But that got sorted out after they left, and I went to Panto Rehearsal. The stage was up and everything, I even did a bit of sewing for my costume!

Hope you're all enjoying 2010. I just did a load of tidying/clothes putting away, and I'm so proud of myself haha. See I've been really slobby this year, not doing anything, because I couldn't be bothered. So, I hope you guys are keeping to your resolutions!!

ciao ciao

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KAJA JEAN said...

oh okay uhm wowee. i just discovered your blog today and i found out that you're doing picture of the day (like i've recently started doing) AND that you have a second blog called "Pretty Pictures" (i tried doing that too!! with that exact name!! but i failed. ha. i'm sure you won't). weiiirddddddd........