Monday, 28 December 2009

wierd dreams and getting up at 2.

hello :)
So what's up? Today I got up at like 2pm, 'cos I'm lazy and I was having an epicly long dream. To sum up...

-I was in a field covered in snow, and there were all these little kids, and their mum. then the youngest one died 'cos it was cold and I was all over the papers.
-I was getting on the bus, and Mrs Widdon (teacher at my school) was in front of me, taking ages, because she had a different name that was really hard to spell and for some reasons she had to spell it to get on the bus...
-On the bus I talked to Zara for ages, and she kept accusing me of liking this random year nine in my form :S
-I dreamt of Floridaaaa.....

Did you know they're building a Harry Potter theme park in Orlando?!! I HAVE TO GO.

ciao ciao

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Veronique said...

of the HP? OMG i have to go too! *-*
oh, and i loved the photos of your blog! :))