Monday, 28 December 2009

my obsession collage

i'm that sad.

okay i didn't make this, I just clicked 'Photo Collage' on Picasa, and it made one for me :) However...I did make a photo album on Picasa called 'PARIS'. Look... I HAVE AN OBSESSION OKAY!? And there is nothing more therapeutic than typing in 'Paris' on WeHeartIt. Seriously. Today I did NOTHING again... *sigh* not even Coursework this time! GARN! I'm going to Kerry's tomorrow though, I haven't seen her since....... FIREWORKS NIGHT. And she's my BFF, I've known her since the day I was born. You guys got anyone like that?? Yeah, yeah, I know you're ITCHING to see some of my PARIS ALBUM. ' goes!!

what's your obsession?

ciao ciao


Elizabeth said...

lovely photos, i love your blog its so fun! :)
Im not really sure what my obsession is, i think it might be shoes....haha

Silverbeige said...

I like to be in Paris now! :)

Jazz said...

mmm i don't know what mine is, but i laaaave paris and france too! one of the most magical feelings is standing directly underneat the eiffel tower, at midnight after having a really late dinner, when all the lights are on and it's busy and it's summer :)
mmmm i miss paris!
jazz xo

Sarah said...

Love the Paris pics--and Picasa is awesome! I use it to make my blog banners. My obsession.....hmmmmm........Tetris ;)

bryna said...

love these photos!

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

love your header, it's so cute. the pics are lovely btw, makes me want to catch a plane and go to paris NOW :)

Line&Trine said...

love the pictures.
Do now follow (:

Rubie said...

Very nice blog and pictures :)