Wednesday, 30 December 2009

watches, sleepovers, and RADIOACTIVE NUTELLA

all three of these are the reason I didn't update yesterday haha.
(even though the radioactive nutella thing happened this morning. ANYWAY.)

Yesterday I slept round Kerry's. We spent like ALL DAY playing on that reeeally old (probably 80s/90s made) game Crash Bandicoot. Like, the first ever one. For Playstation 1! IT'S SO ADDICTIVE!!!!! Ahhhhh...

Erm, yeah. She gave me this really cute watch,

anddd then this morning, her nutella which we were gonna have on toast for brekkers was really hard so we put it in the microwave, and there was all this LIGHTNING!!! It was freaky. And as you know, microwaves are a form of radiation. So we were really freaked out that we had radioactive nutella!! We didn't eat much of it. And because I slept over at Kerry's, I didn't get to take my Picture Every Day thing that day 'cos I didn't bring my camera :( But I thought it could be my New Year's Resolution. So yeah. Doesn't count.
What's your New Years Resolution?

ciao ciao

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AudreyAllure said...

great photos!

love your blog :)
- Audrey Allure