Wednesday, 30 December 2009

new year and an award! yay!

Thank you to English Rose
for giving me this award :)
7 things about myself.

1.) I know what I need, and what I want, but I just can't bring myself to do it a lot.
2.) I have reeeally bad spots
3.) I'm a Gemini
4.) I enjoy eating whole lemons
5.) I live in possibly the least chic place in England
6.) My school uniform is MAROON. MAROON, I ask you!!
7.) one time when I got a new phone it had this mini calendar thingy on it that was basically just the date on my wallpaper. I stayed up til midnight to see HOW it changed (did it flip, turn - what?)

haha, I'm a bit of a saddo you see!!

And seven people I pass the award onto

(isn't it wierd to think, I don't follow ANY guy's blogs. Huh.)
Run With Scissors


And now, onto what I was planning to post about before THAT popped up, hehe.

I can't wait for the new year
I thought of a new resolution
(well actually Erin did, I'm copying her)
which is to be nice to people,
especially teachers, after recent events...!!

This year has been good and bad I guess.
(sorry, I know nobody cares)

January - Mum's epic birthday party, Kate's sleepover
February - wow, my life's interesting, I can't even think of anything haha
March - Went to Nandos (WITH MATT my Nandos bud) for Katherine's birthday meal :)
April - Easter holidays in FLORIDAAAAA!! Then revising like mad for the RE exam
May - the RE exam that I got an A in that brought on my TOASTER that brought on TEGAN ON TOAST (but this is not when the blog was created, I might add), also my FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY, with my garden party hehe <3
June - Zara's awesome party when we did the conga round the estate, and went to the park at sunset and there was a pretty rainbow.. and what we suspected was a guy taking pics of us. nice. 0.0
Also, the somme trip which was EPIC.
July - Ella's party, Jess's party which I unfortunately had to miss because I was on a plane to France (nearly got on the wrong plane, oooops) where I stayed with
August - retreated to the middle of nowhere, Cranne, in France to stay with our grandparents/cousins. I also experienced a FRENCH IKEA.
September - the start of Year Ten. Not much happened.
October - Billie came to stay for the half term! Went up to London, discovered the joys of ARTBOX... <3
Also had Halloween at my house which I never would normally do, but I was the LAST OPTION. Pretty funny when we tried to do the She Wolf moves, and nearly BURNT THE HOUSE DOWN.
November - What actually happened?! Er.. got an A* in my French orals! xD
December - The countdown to Christmas, blogs getting all festive, that sort of thing! Then Christmas rolled around.... :)

And sometime during that year, I created this blog.
It was crap.
It was boring.
But then Erin came along and I started it back up again and now, here we are today :)

And ...
it leaves me wondering what 2010 will have in store for me...

ciao ciao


Sarah said...

Hey thanks for the taggo :) I'll do that with my next post. Sounds like you had a funawesomecrazy year!

Happy New Year! xx

Bella said...

aaawww tegan ilu :] thanks so much xxxxxxx

HELI said...

to a new year cheers