Monday, 21 December 2009

walking in a winter wonderland

mes amis, IT IS SNOW CENTRAL!!!! Seriously, there is snow EVERYWHERE. It's amazing. But on a sad note... My parents want me to donate my toaster (as in the toaster that makes me TEGAN ON TOAST) to the kitchen over the Christmas period because it matches the new kettle they've bought!! I ask you, why would they buy a kettle that matches the toaster IN MY ROOM? Some people, eh? So I had a nice lie-in today. Then I did some coursework whilst Mum was walking His Lordship then she made this chicken soup (I blame Sophie) which I didn't really like. And I've just been sorting out my room (yessss I'm back in my attic - my boiler got fixed! :D) And tonight I'm sleeping round Sophie's. Everyone else is coming round, and we're making masks for our masquerade photo shoot! It's gonna be awesome!!
ciao ciao


Savannah Rose said...

Whoa! I hope you post pictures of that photoshoot it sounds cool. My friend and I are doing a clothes photoshoot. You are so lucky it's snowing. In California... that's not and never will be the case. Yesterday... I wore shorts.

Melissa said...

love the photos as usual :)

photoshoot sounds fun :)


p.s. im still amazed that it actually snowed at christmas time in england!Really hope it snows on the 25th....or is that pushing our luck?

Chasing Cherries said...

Here is also a lot of snow, it haven't been this much in a long long time, so I really like it!

Nice pictures, the first one is soo cute!!

Sarah said...

Guard that toaster with your life! Haha. Have fun with your photoshoot!