Tuesday, 22 December 2009

failed igloos, sledging, hot chocolate, and numb tootsies

i love friends

Hey there guys!
Last night I went to Sophie's. It was a bit of an adventure getting there because of the surprise snow attack last night. Zara's Mum left Reading at 3.30 and didn't get home til past midnight!! It took a woman 3 hours to travel a MILE. Yeah, I KNOW. Mum was driving me to Sophie's, but in the end I had to get out and walk in the dark. Sophie met me half way and we felt like helping everyone out - people had to get towed up this slope and stuff, and there was this guy trying to get his daughter to the hospital.
Bad times.

But when we got there it was cool, we had noodles >.< I made my masks, one was red with gold around the edges and a white feather, the other was silver put I collaged loads of letter "T"s all over it. Then this morning we went sledging, tried and failed to build an igloo, and in the end just got hot chocolate at Erin's. Poor Rufus (my doggy) he's got a really bad cold, he keeps shivering!!

My feet are now toasty after going round all day in WET BOOTS!!

You got the lovveeee...
sorry, Florence + The Machine moment :)

ciao ciao

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