Tuesday, 1 December 2009

a touch of frost

yeah, it's the FIRST OF DECEMBER!
[pinch punch first of the month!]

I mean...
I'm too old for that.

So, it's nearly exie-mas, so here are some pictures
to get you in the wintery/christmasey mood! Wahoo!

have you guys sent your STACK of christmas cards yet?

it ain't Christmas without the STARBUCKS CUPS!

As you can see,
I love the holiday season
and am celebrating
(haha, "holiday season" -
how american was that?)

This morning my garden was covered in frost!
Not quite snow,
but it'll do
Rufus was lovin' it. Made me go outside in it with him :(
I love him, but BRRRRRR

lucky I had my DUFFEL COAT :)

Highlights of today...

When Mrs Jones reminded us of Sophie's ancestors being in the gunpowder plot. And then Jess (not Jess who I usually mention, other Jess) said "I bet she talks about that all time" and I said "well actually she's never said that to me in her life" so it was like

We also filmed a lot of things in Science.
For our friend Ruby
who's not with us right now
I wish I could say why
but I can't.


Today I came downstairs and was like "er, Mum, where's my advent
because she had completely

And she deeply apologised and said,
"I'm sorry I'm sorry it'll be up by tonight!"
Krh. How could someone forget advent?!

That sounds like a sentence a teacher would make you
write in detention,
know what I mean?

I was reading this blog today, and I read this really sweet thing
this other blogger wrote;

"this blog is mine.
i choose what i share, and what i don't.
at times it's personal
and at times it's just a place for me to share pretty pictures.
sometimes it's scary for me to put so much out there in the open,
but the way i see it, it's a place for me to open my heart,
and will later be a place for me to look back on the journey i've made..."

(which frankly is pretty awesome.)

I hope you like the pictures and have a great Christmas! My December is gonna be super busy once school breaks up, I'm going to Starbucks a lot to revise for exams, having a movie night, going to the Discovery Centre! (hey, they're fun!)

ciao ciao


Silverbeige said...

Hello Bella,
Congratulation for your blog award, giving by Erin's tea party! ;)
You have a beautiful site & layout...

Zara Dawett said...

Aw, I'm loving the background. :)

Silverbeige said...

Yes, I know you are Tegan. Bella is just a word for address a girl, only in my special dictionary:)
I also prepare for the events & soon I will have a honey post about cakes;)

Kiki said...

WAIT you don't say 'The holiday season'? What do you say then? Haha this blows my mind.

As you proberly already know, I'm wayyyyyy excited for Christmas too! And there is no such thing as being too old for the advent calendar! Right now I'm waiting for my sister to get home so we can open it together. x

Maria Confer said...

Love these Christmas photos Tegan!! I so want snow here.


DJ said...

PWNAGE. That's how it is spelled.