Wednesday, 2 December 2009

stir fry night!

hey guys,
here at the Marlows,
Wednesday night is

Stir fry is like, my fave meal ever. And on Wednesdays, yeah, that's right, I cook it.
Who cares.

SOOOO today many things happened.
First of all, Ben was getting all cocky in form. Yep, he's hit the cocky stage of Year Seven. Where he tries to be a pikey to fit in. He called all the other Year Sevens gay. There's always a bad egg in every year group...

And Miss Timms moved me about two minutes in to the lesson of Philosophy and Ethics.
I think she's DETERMINED to make me sit with Michelle.
Even though Michelle wasn't there.

And at lunch, there were loads of people in form. Because a few members of form invited like ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS to eat in there. So now it's not our room :(
But it got worse...


The wet lunch bell went.
And guess what?
My form happens to be Year Eight wet room.
Where the Year Eights come -
when it's wet.

SOOOO, floods of Year Eights came into the form room.
And they were all male.
And they had a massive fight, and me and Erin tried to break it up by doing the hand jive and sitting on the floor and stuff.
I filmed it.
(not the fight, cos we could get in trouble for that...)

And in Drama we WROTE ALL LESSON.
But me and Hannah had our usual banter, so it was pretty funny.
Then French. Matt wasn't there but it was OK.

I just can't believe that it's SUMMER in Australia!!
SUMMER is the last thing in my head right now,
what with all the FLOODS OF RAIN
and frost!
Next thing you know, it'll be snowing!
{ooooooooh, I hope it does...}


ciao ciao


the girl with the satchel said...

wowzer you have a STIR FRY NIGHT!!!! why have you not told me this ?!?!?! anyway I'm sure our hand jive sorted everything out, and your pictures are always so pretty,

camille said...

I wish it would snow in Australia. So badly. The sun makes me want to cry. Ooooo so does the fact that I don't own that camera in the 3rd picture.

...thanks for following:)

fayeee said...

Snow snow snowwww
i lav snow
i remember 2 years ago it snowed on christmas day it was awesomeex