Saturday, 26 December 2009

parisian nights...

omg. i think I'm addicted to Paris.
I don't even live there.
I think I've been there once or twice.
I found myself looking at APARTMENT RENTALS in Paris.

But you know, if anyone... adult is interested:


And I have asked my parents a million and four times if we can move there, but no, because I live right by the 3rd best college in England... and I'm doing my GCSEs and blablabla....

isn't my happiness more important?!!

Meh. I'll live there someday.

ciao ciao
salut salut


Kiki said...

HAHAHAHA I DO THAT TOO! Not with Paris exclusively, I always have an obsession with a certain city and then I go look for apartments, restaurants nearby, places for my future cupcake shop, etc. It's great fun.

And oh yeah, I often beg my parents to send me to boarding school in London, Paris, Rome... it's not working! But we can both dream right? x

Girl with the Broken Smile said...

hey :)
thanks for the follow and for your comment!
omg i've always wanted to visit paris one day, and england too. isn't it lovely?


ps. nice blog- i'll follow :)

vanessa joie said...

At least England is a lot closer to Paris than California. ;) Lovely blog.

omfg-vivian said...


i have a big obsession for living in a treehouse, but hmm.. maybe that's just me? xx

FemmeLaMode said...

oh i look for apartments in london, new york, and paris all the time.. ok i am old enough but i have no where near enough money haha. oh well we can dream :)

Anonymous said...

I love paris!
My favorite city in the world!
xxx M

Jazz said...

SAME! i've been to france like ten times (mainly to paris) and i love that place. i really want to be fluent in french so i can go, speak fabulous french, wear french designer clothes, marry a hot french model and conquer french vogue. but yeah, i'm fourteen and from london. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. hehe, you seem pretty similar to me(:
check out my blog?

jazz, xox

adri. said...

haha, this post made me laugh. fourteen years old and looking at apartments! :) i really love your blog, and i loooove europe! I NEED TO GO THERE.