Saturday, 26 December 2009

merry, erm, boxing day

my cousin, Kate. Isn't she gorge?

Rufus being a good boy (i.e, he wants something)

christmas tree :)

mini christmas tree I built at dinner out of cracker ties and a picture holder

my new cameraaaaa!

my favourite tree decoration!

cute dogtooth purse I got which had Parisian (YES, PARISIAN) chocolate inside! Youpi!

well hey
I didn't update yesterday (obviously, it was Christmas, WHO DID?) and it feels like it's been years! Today is in fact BOXING DAY in case you have forgotten or something. I had a great Christmas, (except for a minor girly issue - TYPICAL) food was delish, awesome pressies, Rufus was on his best behaviour. Sort of. He was so excited when he got his stocking, he couldn't choose which present to go for!!

My cousins came later in the day which was great. Unfortunately Emma's feeling a bit ill :( But her boyfriend's just arrived :) We've been trying to work out this HUGE crossword puzzle. Ahhh, I love family time haha.

hope you guys had an awesome Christmas,
what was your fave part?

ciao ciao

Erin and I (as in Erin of Erin's Tea Party)
have made a joint blog called Pretty Pictures. Check it out :) It's basically the best parts of We Heart It. So no naked people. Which sometimes occur on We Heart It. People heart sick things I guess haha.



Kiki said...

Oooh I do like your green camera! Glad you had such a nice Christmas :]

I'd have to say that the best part of mine was either playing Wii Fit or eating gingerbread streusel cake! Have a great day x

Melissa said...

ohhhh i want a dog! but my mum and sisters are terrified of them, so its a no :(

the best part of my christmas would have to be unwrapping all the presents and watching cheesy christmas films!


the girl with the satchel said...

woo you got your camera, and I sooooo love that dogtooth clutch so cute dude. xxx