Monday, 7 December 2009

monday again - how'd that happen?


I was reading the blog 'Silverbeige' and she posted this thing
about this swimming pool illusion that this artist made...

there's a family living in a swimming pool?!
how did he do it?!

basically, it LOOKS like it's a swimming pool,
but the water is on top of a thin sheet of acrylic
so there's no water in the pool, only on top of the sheet!
I love stuff like that :)

Anyway, today was Monday, which sucks, 'cos who likes Mondays?
it's the start of the week, the end of relaxation...
moving on.

Today I had English-Science-Double History-Maths

English - I wrote stuff. Science - er, nothing. Talked to Erin & Jess. Double History - boring! I know! It's boring now! Why was Miss Jones so grumpy?! She's been like that for the past couple of lessons she's a totally different person!! Maths - ugh, had to sit in seating plan. And can someone tell me -
what is the point of a stem & leaf diagram!?

This morning when I was walking to the train station to catch a bus
that's normal)
I saw like hundreds of brightly coloured straws all over the floor.
I didn't have a picture-taking device on me.
I hope they are there tomorrow,
it looked seriously cool!

I'm off,
gonna go see if I can read a play online.
It's called 'More Light'
sort of gruesome and creepy
but really well-written and a very good idea.
Search it!

a couple of people asked how I got three columns,
if you look at the last few posts there is a comment answering your question
from janis at my suitcase heart :)

ciao ciao


Silverbeige said...

&:) I like these type of installation very much, there are a lot of trully creative artist whom we do not know. I you have a mood, search on the internet for Kimsooja, who also used the effect of transparency in her work called 'To Breath' /'Respirar'. (Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro, Madrid,2006)

FemmeLaMode said...

i love the way you write
cute blog :)

Sarah said...

That illusion is seriously cool. Before I read the rest of the post I was like trying to figure out how the artist accomplished that.

Savannah Rose said...

That swimming pool picture was really neat. I think you are a lovely blogger.
I am 14 as well but I live in California, even though it says England. I want to live there so bad. But I think it's really cool that you do. I have a pen pal who lives there in Canterbury. England seems so wonderful.


Athena. said...

I love this!
Such an amazing idea,

fayeee said...

I totally agree with the whole whats the point with stem and leaf diagrams thing?
It's like when am I really going to use that in my future? and whats with the name?!
and yeah you can go to parents evening if you want ;) but I didn't want to go just in case :P Turns out I got a realllly good review though
they said "ive never taught a student like Faye before"
I was like

THat illusion baffled me at first, if you didn't explain it all...I would still be puzzled!

Mila said...

wow how cool! :)

Elise said...

WOW that was an awesome post - thank you !

Melissa said...

I love illusions! that was a good one :P