Tuesday, 8 December 2009

dressing tables

so, me amigos, mes amis,
erm, 'my friends' in some other sexy language...

something that has been interesting me a lot lately is the subject of
what people's dressing
tables look like

this is mine.
it is a mess.

was an... interesting day?
I wore pearls around my head like this:

and my Maths teacher said,
"ooh a very hippy look Tegan- that's very unlike you"
and I was thinking,
"erm, sorry, do you know
anything about me anyway? Other than, of course,
whether I can find the circumference of a circle?"
but of course,
I didn't say that.
Then later on she came up to me and said,
"I'm sorry - I feel like I've offended you"

oh go multiply something, would you?!

Then my Science teacher said,
"bracelets off..." then pauses at me and says
"...halos off!"
oh Ha. Ha. Ha.
You are. So. So. Funny.
I might die.
From laughter.
At your hilariousness.

There was also a lot of beef going on.
Which was a bit pointless.
And directed at me.
Mostly pent-up feelings,
and then the thing that pulled the trigger was


wait for it...



Yeah, I know.
A christmas card that I made.
I love being a teenager.
But I still can't wait to go to Uni.

After school I went shopping with Mum. We went to Pets at Home to get a pressie for Rufus.
I said,
"but Muuuuummmm, he'll be with us, he'll see!"
and she said,
"but Teeeegggaaan,
We also got a present for my friend Kerry.
We couldn't take the dog in with us,
and we couldn't leave him in the car,


Mum went in and found some options,
then phoned me,
and told me where they were
we swapped places,
I went in,
I chose one,
we swapped places,
she went in and bought it,
then she decided that it was too small
so she went in,
took it back,
we swapped places,
i went and looked for some other options
I left them in a place for Mum to find
we swapped places
she went and looked at them
phoned me
and said she'd found something else
which she bought.

Seriously, the people in the shop must have been

Oh yeah,
the word we were
trying to think of in English.
We had to get a thesaurus in the end. I then found out that
'thesaurus' is not actually
in the thesaurus.

ciao ciao


FemmeLaMode said...

ahaha funny post!
i totally recognise the pets at home saga, sounds just like me and my mom.
cute photo too :)
loving your blog posts

English Rose ♥ said...

lol such a funny post - great blog darling, thank you so much for your lovely comment

i adore huge geek glasses, i love french films and music - shall deffo be returning to your blog

Stay safe and chic
English Rose x

chloe in the sky said...

I really like your hair and the way you did it, very mod.

Sarah said...

Hey your post made me laugh. I hate when teachers make personal remarks.
I've never heard of a 'dressing table' before--is it like a make-up counter? I don't have one of those either...