Friday, 4 December 2009

home sweet home

last night I found these really cool pictures
tagged with "home"
thought I'd share them because they are awesome!
Also, one of the blogs I read did a post about her
ideal home.
So I thought..


love the ladder!!

today is FRIDAY -
finally the weekend!!

I'm going to Sophie's to make gingerbread, wahoooooo!!
Ahh, love getting in the Christmasey mood.

Shout out to NANNY P real quick! I know he reads this, haha

and SOPHSTER. (of course)

Moving on!!

Today I had :

-Double Drama
-Functional Skills

Literally nothing happened in my lessons.
I hate school.
Friends are the only good part!
[well...except for Photography]

I can't wait until I go to University and stuff
doing what

I wanna do

with my own place
and my own money to spend
without my Mum nitpicking on everything that I buy!!

Going to Guildford tomorrow!
Never really been shopping there before.

Apparently it's really cute with cobbled streets and stuff!! :D

I'll post more tomorrow.

ciao ciao


the girl with the satchel said...

well dude we deffo could use those ideas for our ikea flat!! xx

fayeee said...

I cant waittttt maynn.

Kiki said...

Oh my god. To have a room like the one with the ladder is my dream! With a loft! Ohhhhh.

Man I can't wait until college, ummm university I mean, either. All that freedom and such. x

Savannah Rose said...

I love the pictures!! Your blog is cute!


Jenna said...

Amazing Picture!
You've got a beautiful blog!
I absolutely adore your header :)
Thanks for the comments and all!