Thursday, 3 December 2009


LEGENDARY! If you haven't seen Mean Girls then...WHO ARE YOU?!!

sooo true, hence the neon tutus!

just got back from Banardos! Erin works there Thursdays after school and I decided
to tag along! It's this charity shop in town.
They said I could volunteer to work there now! Wahoo!
It was
soo fun!

We put clothes on hangers and put the labels on
with this funky gun thing!
Plus it was all for a good cause which is great :)
And you get some cool stuff there! I saw these really cool brown leather flats,
I couldn't get them.
Because I guess I'm an EMPLOYEE now! Woooooo!

Erm, anyway, after that Photography update I did,
I had PE.
Well, Break.
At Break we went to go see Mr Amos because my Photography work
inspired Sophie to drop Drama and take Photography!! (Wootz)

Then in PE we saw a pretty gruesome sight.
NickyT bless her had one of those sports bra things that have
she had like... erm, erected nipnips.
Which wasn't very nice.
Bless her cottons.
Sophie told her very quietly and nicely,
but she shrugged and said
"I know"
sooooooooo. I dunno.

Then at Lunch I printed off

The notes are eighteen pages long. One set for me, one for Erin.
This girl was waiting at the printer like "come onnnnnnnnnn" even though
I explained to her,
"I'll be a while, dude"
I wore sexy ankle socks to school today
over my tights
but they didn't match my tights
so I looked


the girl with the satchel said...

HAHA I cracking up at the Kevin card, dude that guy is the best charter in mean girls, and your socks were awesome, oh yeah and by the way we get a 10% or something discount for working there, xxx

TheFashionAve said...

the movie is sick haha... kevin gnapoor, is such a funny name xD

but where's the burn book? :D

i also like the second photo :P

FESI said...

Your blog is really cool!

camille said...

gahhh...YES! Mean Girls!