Saturday, 5 December 2009

a grand day out

today was a grand day out to Guildford.
Here are some of the snaps.
(Sorry, crappy quality - I used my phone)

Erin: I bet Hitler's in here!!

made us laugh SO MUCH!!

I wore that hat all the way home :)

I found this little key on the ground that said "Peace" on it

cute booties!! (no, we're not trying to burn them...)

our new bags haha!

possibly the coolest bedroom EVER.

heaven in the form of Cath Kidston

I couldn't believe it either - The Sartorialist has a book!

a flock of pigeons :)

In Waterstones. How cool is that? They're all made out of books!

I want this for Rufus!!

Today I went to Guildford for the first time.
I've been to Guildford before.
Like Guilfest, the Ice Rink, you know.

Basingstoke is seriously boring now.
we were like GUILDFORD IT IS!!

We were there for ages, it was so awesome!!
First we had lunch at this huge food court, everyone was either getting
SPUD-U-LIKE (everything in a jacket potato)

But I was different and got CHINESE :D
It was so good. Then my fortune cookie said

"You will uncover a big secret today"

and then, next thing I know,
Sophie finds out this huge massive thing about someone she used to know.

We then split into two teams (it's difficult to shop in a large group)
and I was with Jess and Erin.
After shopping for a bit, we met up with the others and saw this guy on a Sky HD stand.
We talked to him for ages it was awesome!!
He's from New Zealand.
We asked if there were lots of sheep.
He said,
"yeah man you wake up in the morning and look next to you and there's a f*cking sheep!"
He said he was called Bill Turner but we didn't believe him.

Some guy also tried to sell this over-priced nail stuff to Jess.
In the end I said "she doesn't want it" and me and Kate walked off,
hoping the others would take the hint and follow.

They didn't.

We then hit CATH KIDSTON after splitting off. It's overpriced but pretttyyy :)

and this is what I wore.
I thought it was pretty Christmasey,


the girl with the satchel said...

coolass background dude, haha that werid animal is still so freakin awesome,so was today, haha Bill turner, what a dude!! xxx

Kiki said...

Haha sounds like you had a fun shopping trip! The book bird things are sooooooooo cool. And talking to a random salesman from NZ is like something I'd do :]

Enjoy your evening love x