Friday, 18 December 2009

feeling like i'm in a movie

yeah -

as soon as Dad finishes his walk in the snow with His Lordship,
he's driving me to Jess's house so we can get ready for the meal out tonight!!

today it snowed quite a lot!
Like... it actually settled MAJORLY!
I thought we had a day off, but in the end we didn't.
Which wasn't so bad, because it was the last day
which meant
Half Day
Whole School Assembly
Free Lessons!

First off was Free Lessons!
In English we read my notebook
and the story I wrote with Katherine
about these guys in our class, haha,
they love it.
And the legend moment
when Stephen went
"guys Erin's got her camera!"
and everyone went


just because.

And we chatted in Science.

After having a nice chat about hairstyles with Miss Vivash
we headed to the Whole School Assembly.
Zara and I had second row seats which was pretty good
and these sticks covered in blue tinsel (blue is my house colour... hehe Ravenclaw!
Nah I'm actually in Da Vinci. Anyway.)
with blue tissue paper coming out which we waved like there was no tomorrow!

Good news!
Da Vinci WON house day yesterday
and we won
the most progress made from Key Stage 3 students.
I'm not a Key Stage 3 student.

Then Form Lols
we played Splat (I think I won one round but I'm not sure
because I was in so much pain. You know when you turn
around really abruptly and your head like... snaps?
Yeah I had that.
And A MILLION games of Wink Murder.
I mean..


After school, we walked into town.
Through a field coated in snow.
The sun was shining down on us.
And we sung Silent Night.
And felt like we were in a movie.

In town we went to STARBUCKS
(winter essential)
and McDonalds...
not so good!
But I had a bottle of water!! :D

And I watched the season finale of
Season 2 of Gossip Girl!!

I almost applauded.


ciao ciao


HELI said...

pastel colors

Sarah said...

Your school is divided into houses? Ahh that's so cool! Sounds like you had a fun day!

omfg-vivian said...

Aww, sounds like you had a lovely day dear! hahaha - gossip girl is like a religion to me now: chuck & blair for life! hehe

I WISH AUSTRALIA HAD SNOW! Sounds like England is lovin it up. xx

Camilla said...

Sounds like a rave!
Cute blog!