Thursday, 10 December 2009

beautiful things on a thursday

dat ma ipod ^

aaahh Christmasey much? :D

I have never seen so many coat hangers in my life.

but I'll talk about that later.
First of all today, I woke up very early to wash my hair
which is impressive pour moi
and I didn't use my alarm
I just woke up and looked at my simply gorge Audrey Hepburn clock
(soooo worth the last of my allowance)

We had this wierd assembly first.
Well it was more funny than wierd. It was about contraception, and it was hilarious
because this old woman was talking to us about
how to put on a condom and stuff.
She even said,
(and I quote)
"especially now you'll be getting jiggy at the festive season!"

dear LORD.
There was even a cartoon of a condom with a SMILEY FACE.

After the informative assembly...
I left.
Yeah, I missed out on Double Photography to go to the stupid orthodontist.
When I was signing out, the person before me had written:
"Reason for Leaving: everything"
Which is thought was pretty funny.
You see it's little things like that that can make your day!!

Once I was at the Ortho. it was ...
Yeah, you know... when it's all silent.
I picked up a magazine,
and after reading it for a while this cute guy was looking at me.
I carried on reading...
I then realised it was a MEN'S MAGAZINE.
No wonder he was looking.
So I just texted people haha.

I came back in time for P.E. (wooooo...... .. .....)
We were changing activities FINALLY! Sorry but I've been doing ping pong since September, so I was taking anything they threw at me!! (Literally...)
Pengellaz completely EXILED Kate and Zara!!
She said that there were too many in the group.
And she picked the two that she hates.
[Just because they don't like P.E...]
Coincidence?! I think NOT!!

And they had to continue with ping pong.
And they had a really crap group.
We had "McMuffin" in our group... mmm, bum stare-age :)

I managed to practically tackle Sophie it was hilarious!!

Then at Lunch me and Erin printed off pics of goons for our Goon Book :)

Then English. I hadn't eaten my lunch so I was really hungry and light headed so I sort of lost it a bit. Had a few blokey moments to Tim's amusement.
On the way to Science I talked to Matt about issues goin' owwwwwn and then in Science we watched this video about the universe which seriously made you think.


the coat hangers.
I walked with Erin and Jess from school,
and then I did my shift at the charity shop I work at with Erin.
Our task was to organise the WHOLE rail of coat hangers which had like
three levels.

We named the different types of coat hanger,
like the 'clippies' and the 'hookies' and the 'moves' and the 'clenchers' and the 'originoreos'
.. and the kids ones.

And someone donated this like... really provocative black silk corset which was pretty funny. And a bra. Who would buy a bra that someone's already worn?!


We got the coat hangers really nice and organised.
I bet you they'll be messed up by next week.
Then I couldn't find my locker key and we were looking EVERYWHERE for it
even trying to pick the lock with a coat hanger and a safety pin!

And then..

it was in my pocket.

ciao ciao


the girl with the satchel said...

Dude cute pictures but where is the rest of the post?!?!? you mentioned nothing about the key or the hangers ???? and you didn't sign off with your funky 'Tm' thing, whats going on, anyway it was a preety awesome post anyway xxx

the girl with the satchel said...

woohoo you put it in, and I likein the new pictures xxx

Sarah said...

Lovely post --those pics are so cute...and your friends remind me of my friends, like randomly naming stuffs, it's kinda funny.

~Sonny ///

Melissa said...

love the ipod photo haha! :)