Sunday, 27 September 2009


nomnomnomnom. I am currently munching on a waffle as depicted in the hideously unattractive photo above.

This morning, I think I found the next bacteria; FOREHEAD CHEESE.
mutter thinks not though. :(

Yesterday, I went to Henley to visit some old family friends. Do you know what is awesome? Those random quizzes on Facebook called 'THE MOST RANDOM QUIZ EVERRR!!!!' where they ask you if you like pineapples and you answer 'i lost my sock' or something. Rather amusing.

Woaahh. Too much maple syrup. Tastes a bit like glue now.

I can't believe my parents. They're going off having fun at IKEA (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) whilst I have to stay home and not only look after the dog but hang out the washing which this week happens to be bedding so I have to hang huge sheets outside that are bigger than me -__-"
I said I should be paid.
Maman said she'd bring me a treat from Ikea.

Yeah. Well....they'd better.

OMGOMGOMGOMG.. just read erin's blog, followed a link.. this is such a cool song and video!!

ciao ciao

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