Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Hello :) This is the picture that I want to recreate for my Photography homework ^ I'm thinking, grab Erin, back-comb her hair, dress her up like a rebel, plonk her on a wall et voila! As the meerkats would say, simples!

Well...today started off with a BANG! OK it didn't, but I felt like saying that. In fact it started off with signing the Get Well Soon card for Charlie (no cards for Ruby yet though...), and then off to Maths which was the most boring thing in the world. I think we have all established that we hate a certain person who I won't mention on here. But we hate her. OK, hate is a strong word. She annoys us.
In English, we worked out that our English teacher is officially terrible. She doesn't take any of our ideas into account. I think we analysed that poem more than she did. Tim Nathaneal and I just had a silent bitch-fest about her at the back of the class. Oh, Matt too.
Jeeez. I am really rude today! But ...PEOPLE!

Double History...we had a cover teacher. Ben managed to cleverly get gum on the brand new carpet. Oooh the doorbell just went...cue Rufus barking his head off. Oh...wait. He's silent. How odd. Hmmm..it's Theo. Anyway, at Lunch some Year Eights started on us so we asked them if they like beef, and said it was rude to insult people's mothers. Which it is. Especially to people who are older than yourself.
We are now officially the Beef Crew. I'm beefbabez. Hahah. OMG the things we do. We're like small school children except taller. (Well...not in my case.)

Science...haha. Unmentionable girl had sodium acid on her bum. Lols were had.
Then Photography...searched for this divine image.
Then I walked home with Kam and Sameena...Sameena bless her. She's so cute! I haven't seen her since I was about seven. My she's grown up. Walked His Lordship very briefly (apparently we walked him for too long) and read ELLE when I was supervising him.
I need to put more stuff on my walls - I'll print some pics off Facebook.
And whilst I'm at it, some pics for the thing we're making Ruby.
Won't give it away yet - she might actually read this.

well I think it's time for some pic printing.

ciao ciao

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