Saturday, 4 April 2015

Stop Feeling Guilty About Talking Too Much

Sorry I'm being really infrequent with posting.
This is something that's been bugging me for a while now, and when I say a while, I mean like, the past couple of years or so.

I'm quite a chatty person, I'm talkative, I gotta lot of shit to say (even if most of it is, actually, shit) - it's probably the main reason I have a blog. I can't be limited to 140 characters, I need to RAMBLE, I need to EXPAND. So it stresses me out that I have to be so self-concious about how long my messages are, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

"Nm babe, you?"
In the 'olden days' that we love to vaguely refer to, people used to sit and write letters that were like 3 pages long. You wouldn't catch Lizzy Bennett sending a Snapchat like "be there at 7", because it would be weird. That's why everyone hated Darcy, cos he didn't say much. But now it's become the opposite attitude - people get weirded out if you send long text messages and don't just keep it short and sweet like "how are you?" "good yeah you"

Well uh-uh, honey. I ain't about that. If I'm texting a friend, I want to cover all aspects of the conversation, I want to tell them all about what's going on, I want to reply to their questions properly and with personality. But now I catch myself reading something back and being like "jeez, that's long", and sending follow up messages like "sorry, that was really long!"... Why? Are people honestly that lazy that they can't sit and read a text message that's more than 4 lines?

It stresses me out to think that people will receive my messages and before even reading it just see a huge block of text and think "naaaa fuck this" NO. I have a lot to say and that's FINE, it doesn't make it hugely dramatic or overly emotional, I just got a lot of things I wanna say to you. Why do I even have to worry about this? We all feel the need to censor ourselves so much, and hold back too much because we don't want to come off badly, and it's scary and stressful. People feel they have to apologise (not gonna lie, mainly women) for "ranting". RANT TO YOUR HEARTS CONTENT if it makes you feel better! Communication is great, talking to people is awesome, we should do it more, and we should do it properly and in depth.

Sorry this was kinda trivial, but I wanted to say it, so yeah - have a great Easter everyone!

Tegan xo

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