Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Mean Girls at Downing Street

OK, this is just a quick post to inform you all of possibly the most hilarious Tumblr page I have EVER seen.

Mean Girls combined with British Politics. Need I say more?

Sorry, but I thought that was fucking hilarious and needed to be shared. Go check out the full blog HERE

Have a great day! How can you NOT after seeing that, anyway?

Tegan xo

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Sofie Marie said...

Hahaha these are pretty hilarious!

also seen as you wrote about cultural appropriation below, I thought I'd hit you up with this article, that also talks about the issue. I'm not too sure about it all either, but I do think in some ways when we dismiss this stuff, we are just unconscious of it(as white girls) (just like many men may not understand issues of sexism in regards to women, and dismiss it)