Monday, 13 January 2014

You Do Realise You're Wearing A Nazi Symbol, Right?

So I'm pretty sure we've all seen this brand around called Boy London (it's usually paired with a beanie and some sort of crucifix jewellery).

But have you ever looked closely at their logo?


Looks an awful lot like... this...doesn't it?

Yeah that's right, y'all are walking round sporting a Nazi symbol. Just a little heads up. I'm not gonna judge cos I'm guessing people didn't know this when they bought it. Now, I'm not sure if the designers at Boy London actually had that in mind, if they actually are Nazis, or if they were simply inspired by the design and thought they could get away with it (which is much more likely), and hey, it basically worked. I had no idea! And I'm sure about 98% of the people who buy their clothing have no idea either or they probably wouldn't sell so well. I'm pretty sure the brand has no affiliation with Nazis and isn't exactly promoting the belief as nobody even realises what it is, but it's still pretty disrespectful that they would use it. As if we all want to be reminded of THAT. I mean, wearing it doesn't exactly make you a Nazi or anything, but I guess it's just something to think about next time you put it on or pass a shop.

Er, anyway, hope the resolutions are going well? Mine's getting there...
Tegan xo


Jessica said...

Oh wow. They do look really similar.

Luu said...

But I think the designers must have known about the fact that they look almost the same! It's way too obvious! At least they should have changed the eagle a little bit!!!
best, Luu

Furree Katt said...

I saw this on Vigilant Citizen! I think it's just a subliminal way to get us to subconsciously accept these unacceptable things as the norm.

Jodie-Ann Muckler said...

Oh wow... I did not know this :o