Tuesday, 6 November 2012

the american election

Wow, I really should have written this post sooner, instead of THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RESULTS, but hey, better late than never?
And today there was a new discovery made, that some of the touch screen voting systems were RIGGED for Romney. (video explaining it below)
And yes I don't live in the US, but oh well. And they're such a huge and influential country, I guess it does sort of reflect on the rest of the world.
Which is why people should VOTE FOR OBAMA FOR GOD'S SAKE.

Yeah, alright, I haven't been following the elections in-depth, but I do know the basics. And from this, I just can't see why people are actually voting for the Republicans. I just can't. I mean the fact that this guy has a chance of winning shows how screwed up America is.

These are my two main concerns:

Has he never watched Sixteen and Pregnant?
A guy I know was recently in New York and took a photo of a car with all kinds of Republican bumper stickers, one of which said 'abortion's a wrong not a right'. ABORTION IS A RIGHT. I am sorry but it is. IT JUST IS. In the words of Rachel Green from the much-loved Friends series, 'no uterus, no opinion'. MITT ROMNEY YOU DO NOT HAVE A UTERUS SO GTFO.
Abortion is a personal choice, not the choice of some random guy saying 'oh it's a sin!' or whatever. Some women may not want to, others may feel they need to. Its our choice, and we deserve the opportunity to make that choice. What if you used all KINDS of protection but still got pregnant? You can't say you were dumb and careless, but yet you've still got to basically have your whole future and your whole life ruined because "THAT'S THE WAY GOD INTENDED IT". OK THEN. THANKS. I was gonna go to University and do all kinds of things with my life but then got pregnant and I was forced to keep it.
Does he know how much the population will increase? And how, therefore, taxes will increase? He's all about cutting taxes or whatever BUT IF THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE THERE ARE MORE TAXES YOU DUMB FUCK. AND LOADS OF PEOPLE. AND LOADS OF UNHAPPY RUINED WOMEN WHO HAVE TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES SITTING IN A CARAVAN OR SOMETHING EATING READY  MEALS.

Welcome to the 21st century, Romney!
Love is love. Deal with it. 'It's sacred'? Yeah well the Bible used to say you couldn't wear mixed fabrics, and we don't go along with that anymore, so why can't this change too? You can't just pick and choose which things will change and which things will stay the same (I think I almost quoted Florence + The Machine there, ooh). So many people keep quoting the fact 'same-sex marriage is legal in 6 states. Fucking a horse is legal in 23.' Mitt Romney would probably change those statistics to 0-52, respectively.

And now for some hilarious Mitt Romney YouTube videos:

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shay said...

very interesting post, nice to hear what others think about the election and the candidates, especially from a non American point of view!

Just a comment on the last part though, where you talked about gay marriage....Romney was actually governor of Massachusetts when they allowed same sex marriage, and allowed the bill to pass....they were the first state in the country to do so. Actually, Obama doesn't believe in same sex marriage either, which is why he hasn't signed off on the bill allowing it while he was president. (Interesting, huh?)

Rachel, Cold Knees said...

Amen to that, I woke up this morning and was literally like "phew". xx