Sunday, 14 October 2012

on the road

Here are some photos courtesy of Mike from last night - I travelled up to London in my fur coat and woolly hat (ITS WINTER NOW OK) and we watched On the Road at the Curzon cinema in Soho, which is where we saw Moonrise Kingdom and is a great little place. I really hope I get into a London university, because living there would be amazing, and not having to pay like twenty one pounds just to get up there.

Well, obviously, the film was never going to be as good as the beautifully written book. Mike reckons that Sam Riley was 'doing an impression of Jack Kerouac' as opposed to actually living out the real Sal, I reckon he was OK, he certainly had the right face for it (there was something a bit sweeter about him than the other guys) but he could have done a better job acting wise. Kristen Stewart, was, as I expected, very good. They left out parts of the book (as is always the case) but then added in random things. I think probably the worst part was Steve Bruscemi having anal sex. Sorry, have I ruined it for you? 

I'd give it about a 7, and say to you all:
You should watch this film... but you should DEFINITELY read the book.



Charlotte said...

Haha nooo, you haven`t ruined it for me, I will still go watch it. But however, thanks for the recommendation <3

Chloe said...

The Curzon sounds like a great little place. Just spent the last week in London and wish I'd known about this place sooner!

Read On The Road a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it too, but have been a bit apprehensive about the film adaptation. Will definitely check it out though! :-)

Thanks for the recommendation! Oh and also, loving the photos, they're lovely :-D Hope you had a good time in London!

Chloe x