Sunday, 1 April 2012


A long, long time ago now, back in the midst of January, a very special band named The Strange Rains played a gig. Yes, it was in a living room. Yes, the crowd was small and filled with pumped up teenagers. And yes, the guitarist may or may not be my boyfriend. But they are lovely band and they really are rather good you know. And I'm not just saying that. 

Ooh and look - they have a FACEBOOK PAGE.

Ooh and a YOUTUBE CHANNEL also. How nice! Now you can watch their videos and listen to their sounds. 


™ - xo


EtheyBabey said...

Wow...they're really good.

K said...

really enjoy their music! So cool to have a musician boyfriend & friends etc. Very funky!


Laura said...

lovely photo's! Going to check them out now! :)

xoxo, Laura

JennyFreely said...

they could be amazing, they sound kind of gorund breaking :D xx Nice vids

Nicolette said...

awesome photos, looks like a lot of fun!
I'll definitely check them out, I'm all for new music!


kathy said...

sweet photos!
looks like you guys had an awesome night :)

Lewis Shaw said...

that's a pretty gorgeous one of me... #tongues