Sunday, 12 February 2012

midnight in paris

Some of the top street style finds from my Tumblr :)

Whenever I watch a movie and really really enjoy it becomes my new fave movie, and right now it's Midnight in Paris. It's just perfect. It's written and directed by Woody Allen, which you can tell from the  mannerisms of the main character, Gill, played by Owen Wilson (yeah I was surprised as well to see Owen Wilson in a movie that didn't have a dog in it and was actually really beautiful), a writer who goes to Paris with his fiancée and her parents. You can tell from the beginning that his fiancée is a bitch and completely wrong for him - he falls in love with Paris and she wants to live in Malibu. She also flirts a lot with her ex, who they run into. Every night at midnight, Gill gets in a car and ends up in Paris in the 1920s, and mixes with the likes of Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Dali. It's brilliant, just watch it!

Proper post soon - probably of my Valentine adventures with Mike!

Oh and R.I.P Whitney Houston. <3

™ - xo


Michelle said...

Nothing better than Tumblr for outfit inspiration (: lovely finds!

K said...

LOVE that movie, so so much it was so special. And I too was really surprised with Owen Wilson's role in the film - really unusual for him but he did it so well!
Great outfit finds :)


RainboRevolver said...

I love Rumi Neely, the model in the first picture!

Owen Wilson is quite fantastic as well, though I haven't had a chance to see Midnight in Paris, now I'll definitely have to check it out.

Blaming Beauty said...

Love these pictures, every outfit is perfect!xx

kathy said...

great pictures :)
i really enjoyed midnight in paris, i thought it was an amazing film!

Anonymous said...

You know, I've been hankering on the edge of renting this film out but I think your exclamations have really done it for me. DEFINATELY will now! =) Some really great inspirational images too hun. Fashiontoast is always so well dressed.... le sigh


Maddy said...

Love your picks, Tumblr is so full of amazing inspiration. Love the fully pastel coloured outfit with the fur :)
  Madison's Assortment

Jenna Hughes said...

lovedd that movie! i miss Paris. i was there for like two days over the summer and it was the best two days ever!

HELI said...

beautiful check out my blog

Lidiya said...

All of the outfit inspiration is perfect and I adore Midnight in Paris, beautiful movie <3

Fabliha said...

I've got to see that movie! loving that mint + blue outfit


Leticia said...

I loved Midnight in Paris and these styles are so chic and perfect. great inspiration. Loved the velvet skirt with the black tights! ;) peace