Thursday, 23 February 2012

A hefty LFW review

 Antonio Berardi
Sleek, feminine and floral, I thought the models looked classy (well from what I could tell from my computer screen) and polished... although this kinda looks S/S-y, you wouldn't think this was an A/W collection. Still love it though.

 Tough and almost military like, but toned down by the variety of owl tops worn, which I liked, reminded me of something my Mum would wear, bless her...
 Loving the white silk and lace and those collars on the last two
 House of Holland
They never disappoint! Oh the colours! Especially the jazzy sleeves on the second one, would love that on a cardigan.

 Louise Gray
Blimey, Louise! This collection was mental but isn't it always? Clashing colours, clashing patterns, ridiculous hair but it looked amazing.
 Mary Katranzou
Also pretty zany, loved the prints and babydoll dresses
 McQ Alexander McQueen
OK, so this kind of went from khaki military style to wooly jumpers and leather, to lace and velvet to floral explosion! Bit of a mix in there, but it all looked gorgeous. RIP Alex.
 Michael van der Ham
This was another one of the classy collections that I loved. All pastel colours and feminine, it was so beautiful. Especially the skirt suits - adorable.
Clashing lace and leather, and autumnal prints definitely worked in their favour. Awesome accessories (of course) - the boots and handbags were amazing.
 Simone Rocha
Again, more feminine lace and sharp collars! Monochrome colours as well which look pretty chic, although I'm not sure about the hairstyles? Bit of hair in face syndrome, kinda look like they were caught in the wind...but the clothes look good. ;)

 Temperley London
My favourite collection! Everything looks so luxurious and regal, it's amazing. The belts and buttons definitely make a statement and everything looks top to toe classy.
Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Definitely giving off a British vibe here, loving the neckscarfs and checks. Also the tights seemed pretty interesting, on the last two models there seems to be asian style designs and I swear I saw some Kandinsky inspired stuff on another picture...
LFW ended yesterday with the menswear collection (apparently some sexy bushy beards were sported which makes a nice change I guess), and these are pick of my favourites. This took me LONG to make, so I hope you enjoy. I was a bit let down by Peter Pilotto, after he was so highly commended ELLE I had high hopes, but when I searched online his collection all seemed quite chunky, kinda? I guess I'm just a sucker for feminine designs...

In other news, I'm applying for the role of the Publications Officer on the Student Association at college, which means editing the yearbook and magazine amongst many other things, which sounds time consuming but very good for my CV/UCAS especially considering the area of work I want to go into. We also did cradles in cheerleading today and I chickened out. :( They basically throw me in the air and catch me which is a bit nerve wracking...

Well I hope you have a nice week, blimey I haven't written this much in blog's gonna end up looking like Lewis' soon. Well with more pictures of models.

™- xo


Frilly Socks And Docs said...

I love posts like this , they just sum all the shows up perfectly. I love the print and structural detailing the most. Good look with the college position xx

Anonymous said...

amazing collections!

Anonymous said...

The Michael van der Ham looks stunning and of course Mulberry as always. Lovely post!

Marijn said...

Great collections, I love them all. The McQueen collection is amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love LFW so much! Wish I could go there next time ..

Charlotte said...

I love the way you summarize all these fashion shows <3

yiqin; said...

mary katrantzou did it again

Lidiya said...

Mary K collection is gorgeous, I love all of the clashing colours and prints <3

Monja said...

my fav : mulberry and mary

Sabs said...

Vivienne Westwood's collection is bang on.

Jenna Hughes said...

i love Simone Rocha, Temperley London, and Michael van der Ham